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2020 08 07 At 9.19.03 Am

The Overview

We are headed back into some hot weather and this brings unstable conditions along with it. The day will be clear in southern Muskoka. But north of Tower Hill, there will be some quick intense rain this morning. There is a strong front moving in overnight. It will dump some serious rain in a short period of time and keep moving – all around 11PM done by midnight.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 19C(FL 20C) with a heavy air early this morning. It will warm to 28C (FL 37C) in the afternoon with no serious weather and then “cool” to 20C (FL 22C) overnight. A sticky time. Winds – a SW breeze at 17kph today. The winds of change as we are getting some unsettled weather overnight.



UV Index

The UV index surges to VERY HIGH today – lots of sunshine.

Allergy INDex

The Allergy Index is MODERATE. The next wave of pollen is upon us – names I haven’t seen in a long time… The mold index is HIGH – the shelf life of fresh fruit is limited – so enjoy

The Bug Index

The Bug Report – the rating is MODERATE – all winged combatants are still about. This heat should thin the heard….


Sunrise – 6:14AM, Sunset – 8:30PM. Less daylight to get started earlier or play into the evening.

The Fire index

Fire Index –the index is MODERATE in our area – creeping back up the danger scale.

Course Update

Today will be great fore golf – stay hydrated!! When you are looking at a lightning bolt on the Weather Channel forecast, please be advised they are wrong – as they usually are with these forecasts. Somewhere between North Bay and Newmarket they might be right. But Bracebridge and most of Muskoka – no. Wrong again! First thing in the morning is great – out and around in 2.5 hours if you are hitting it well. It slows as the day grows…twilight golf is beautiful too.

Are you wanting to get married but do not have the ideas on how to make it work in these times? How about eloping locally – we can help – we have the ladder of ideas fore you. .

Determination and hard work will make you a better person. Golf is a wonderful platform to hone these talents.

2020 07 26 Ducks On 12 Pond

Wildlife on the Course

Unlimited Ducks – 3 Families in 12 Pond
2020 08 07 At 8.11.28 Pm

Another Happy Honorary Member and their Guests

Who says you need a power cart when you bring your own engines!!
20170318 163150

An Idyllic Wedding Setting

It is your special day – let us help you create magic. In this new normal, think about eloping locally – we have a ladder of ideas fore you….