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2020 07 21 At 6.46.43 Am 16

The Overview

We are headed into another weather change today with warmer weather cruising in from the West, across GBay and through to us. The variable is how much strength will be left in the rain front that is on the radars. Our most reliable one (not the Weather Network) has GBay sapping its strength and leaving us with just a wee shower before 1PM and then ending by 2ish. It will then be relatively clear from later this afternoon through Friday.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 15C(FL 15C) in the still of the morning. It will warm to 23C (FL 28C) in the afternoon and then cool to 17C (FL 17C) overnight. Weather is fascinating with its changeability.
Winds –Light southeasterly and moving to southerly breezes caressing the countryside today. Warmer air on its way back in.


The UV Index

The UV index is MODERATE today – heavy cloud cover.


Allergy Index

The Allergy Index is LOW. We are into the weeds fore pollen now. It just kicks up as you walk so walk lightly if you are around them. Just waiting fore the rag weed on Friday…..



The Bug Index

The Bug Report – the rating is MODERATE and let’s hope the air force reads this. The Muskoka wave is still popular in many spots.


Sunrise – 5:52AM, Sunset – 8:54PM. Barely 15 hours of daylight!

The Fire index

Fire Index –the index is LOW in our area but creeping back up further north and to the East.

Course Update

The exhausting heat is gone, and likely not to return as we start to shed daylight minutes. The changeable weather has everyone guessing about today. I think we will be surprized at the rain non-event today. Likely nothing through which we cannot play. They make rain gear that is very efficient. The alternative is a book in a nook. Your call – but you can read at night, in that nook.

Are you wanting to get married but do not have the ideas on how to make it work in these times? How about eloping locally – we can help – we have the ladder of ideas fore you. .

Determination and hard work will make you a better person. Golf is a wonderful platform to hone these talents.

2020 07 21 At 10.37.31 Am Pollinator At Work

Wildlife on the Course

A Pollinator at Work
2020 07 21 At 8.04.49 Am

Another Honorary Member

Ellie w Sarah!!
20170318 163150

An Idyllic Wedding Setting

It is your special day – let us help you create magic.
In this new normal, think about eloping locally – we have a ladder of ideas fore you….
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