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2020 10 03 At 7.12.19 Am

The Overview

The chilly fog has replaced the rain as the opening act this morning. A wee frost delay with some mist about. There is little breeze to help with the clearing so we will likely start playing around 8AM. It is mostly an overcast day.

The Radar Never Lies!

We will open the day at 1C (FL 1C). It will warm to 10C (FL 9C) in the afternoon and then cool to 4C (FL 3C) overnight. The warm is trying to return.
Winds – a whisp of a SW breeze in the 2kph fore most of the day.



UV Index

The UV index is LOW today with sunshine denied by heavy cloud cover. Maybe a few sunny breaks if we are lucky. When the fog clears!

Allergy Index

The Allergy Index is LOW as the pollination cycle is ending. The mold index is MODERATE in the warming temps. Tis the fall – the next dust will be the crushed leaves blowing in the wind.


Sunrise – 7:18AM, Sunset – 6:53PM. More dark than light fore the next 3 months. How many days of golf left this season? Will you be playing in December?

Course Overview

The weekend is starting with some great weather. The chill hitting the warmer air has created a fog into which your perfect drive disappears. But then you know where it will be so enjoy walking right to it! The day will clear and it will be a wonderful weekend of golf. Fore!

Golf remains a safe-haven in troubled times. We are working hard to keep it there. Golf has agreed to many Covid policies – prepayment, shut clubhouses, names and emails for all golfers. If your course is not doing this – ask them why they are not part of the covid solution. With talk of shutdowns to contain Covid, your covid-compliant golf courses will remain safe and open so that you have something normal to do.

The greens are running nicely (please fix 10 ball marks when you play). It is all here fore you. Give us a look online – .

Are you wanting to get together with your group/club? We have a wonderful outside venue that can host over 100 people – with distancing. The 50 limit works inside our clubhouse with all of the procedures in place. Give us a call – we have safe and creative means to see people live!

Golf tournament cancelled? Call us – 7056461060 – we can host it safely with a new format that really works well. The charity you are supporting appreciates your efforts.

Determination and hard work will make you a better person. Golf is a wonderful platform to hone these talents.

Click here to see the radar we watch for the future, and click here for historical to the present.

1 Before Hwy

1 Fwy Before Overseeding

1 Fwy After

1 Fwy After Overseeding and Topdressing

Blue Jay 2020 09 25 At 10.10.25 Am

Wildlife on the Course


One of Many Honorary Members!!

Every dog loves The Highlands!
2020 07 29 At 6.27.51 Am Wc

An Idyllic Wedding Setting

It is your special day – let us help you create magic.
In this new normal, think about eloping locally – we have a ladder of ideas fore you….