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2020 08 11 At 6.51.48 Am

The Overview

The weather will be fine fore most of the day if you live in the southern half of Muskoka. There is a major front moving across GBay and we all know by now what happens there – it loses steam over the bay, and its wet punch when it hits land. Those along GBay will get the rain around noon. Inland, this front will disperse and send pockets of rain through to the NorthEast, some areas staying completely dry and others getting a few minutes of shower. Everything is back to normal by 2PM. How can the Weather Network get it so wrong? They don’t actually – but their forecasts, although they say your town, are for Newmarket to North Bay. So they are actually misleading. To get an accurate picture, we have to watch to get the real picture.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 18C(FL 18C) with cooler air early this morning. It will warm to 23C (FL 28C) in the afternoon –dry heat and then cool to 15C (FL 15C) overnight. Likely a dry day here at Muskoka Highlands.
Winds – quite the confluence of wind systems today. North air streaming down GBay hitting Southerly flow around Parry Sound and the south pushing north. The center of the circle seems to be right around Britt. We are clearly in the Southerly breezes bringing the heat. The confluence keeps the wet weather to our northeast most of the day.




UV Index

The UV index is MODERATE today with the heavy cloud cover til late this afternoon.

Allergy INDex

The Allergy Index is MODERATE. With Ragweed making its debut at the top of the chart!! The mold index remains HIGH – the shelf life of fresh fruit is limited – so enjoy!

The Bug Index

The Bug Report – the rating is MODERATE – except fore this one pesky buzzer as I write this – who will meet a swatter shortly. It is truly the Muskoka wave time!!


Sunrise – 6:21AM, Sunset – 8:21PM. 14 hours exactly of sunlight.

The Fire index

Fire Index –the index is LOW in our area. There will be rain to our Northeast keeping that piece of the region damp. More care in the southern half of Muskoka as we miss most of this system.

golf in muskoka

Course Overview

It is still summer, even if there are grey clouds aloft. They are a pretty good sunblock fore your game today. You are safe to come and play as the major rain is well to our North-East. And headed further to the NorthEast. The winds are pushing it there so we are likely clear fore the day. Noon could see some damp, but nothing prolonged enough to stop your round. If in doubt, load – it is the most accurate model fore our area.

Try our new app – Muskoka Highlands in your online phone store.

Are you wanting to get together with your group/club? We have a wonderful outside venue that can host over 100 people – with distancing. The 50 limit works inside our clubhouse with all of the procedures in place. Give us a call – we have safe and creative means to see people live!

Golf tournament cancelled? Call us – 7056461060 – we can host it safely with a new format that really works well. The charity you are supporting appreciates your efforts.

Determination and hard work will make you a better person. Golf is a wonderful platform to hone these talents.

2020 07 24 At 10.21.59 Am Deer On 8

Wildlife on the Course

A Deer Friend
Ch 200131 300x225

The First of Many Honorary Members!!

It all started with me….
Scottallisonwedding2 0066

An Idyllic Wedding Setting

It is your special day – let us help you create magic.
In this new normal, think about eloping locally – we have a ladder of ideas fore you….