The Overview

The cold weather continues to pound into our region from Hudson Bay overnight. The weather dog come in from his morning patrol and is soaking wet. The chill temps meeting the warm southerly push create the rain which should stop around 9AM. This is a low system rotating counter clockwise around a center point in northern Quebec. This system will move out around 9AM today. Tonight around 11PM another rain system will move in from the west and will stay much of tomorrow in various levels of wet. Suggestion – golf this afternoon and finish your work tomorrow morning.

The cold weather wall has formed from Greenland, across northern Quebec and into Hudson Bay. It is much closer to us today than it has been in a while. This is causing our weather chaos. Our cooler air continues to flow down from Hudson Bay meeting the warm air closer to us. This wall has to move away to permit the normal flow of summer air to get to our region on a consistent basis.

Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at 9C(FL +6C)  and will warm to 19C (FL 18C) in the afternoon  and then down to a cool 13C (FL 12C) overnight. Mid June and we are still well below normal and too wet!!

The UV Index

The UV index is off today with cloudy skies until noon. Get ready to trade the umbrellas fore the sun glasses!

Pollen Index

The pollen Index is high – everything is in full bloom or past. The pollen is everywhere – just check the hood of your car! The allergy sufferers continue to sneeze!

The Bug Index

Who loves this weather? The bugs! The wet weather will bring them out in hordes. Only not as much at Muskoka Highlands if the ever-present breeze is blowing!

Course Update

The drainage pipes are exhausting significant flows indicating the rain is once again running across the course, unable to be absorbed into the saturated surface. This will get a break today and we will be back into it tomorrow.

Golf Hint fore today – there are two pieces of equipment that you use every hole – your ball and your golf shoes. You should be custom-fit fore both of these, and have multiple sets of each so you do not wear them out. The shoes should be waterproof for this season!

The view from here..

The greening of the course is speeding up…Overseeding of the greens is progressing nicely. We need to get consistently warmer weather to encourage the seed to germinate.

Did you know?

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Get Golf Ready

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Junior Golf

Junior Golf is a staple of the golf diet at Muskoka Highlands 

– Saturday Morning Clinics all season

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– Junior Golf Camps

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