The Overview

We are in the final stages of this Polar Vortex invasion. The trend in temps is nicely warming. It will get windy and snowy in parts of PSM this morning. The trees have hibernated so the pollen is reduced. The plows remain on the roads for today – in the lee of GBay. Just another March day – in May!

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at -4C(FL -9C) in sunshine. It will warm to 2C (FL -3C) in the afternoon and then cool to -2C (FL -6C) overnight. Still snow temps.
Winds – the steady flow of NW air continues to keep us cold. The winds are picking moisture from GBay bringing a snow front down through the western edge of PSM and on into Toronto. It will likely change to rain around non as it heads through Barrie.

Daylight Hours

Sunrise – 5:55AM, Sunset – 8:33PM. Hendrik the sun greeter was on point again this morning.

Road Report

Road report – The plows are back as plows again today – in the lee of GBay. This should be the end of this session today.

Allergy Index

The Allergy Index is LOW. The trees are back into temporary hibernation at these temps so the pollen is held back – an upside to this chill? Thanks to Cedar, Juniper and hardwoods like Boxelder and Maple Alder fore budding and starting to exhaust your Spring pollen.


UV Index

The UV index is just MODERATE today due to the snow clouds cruising down from the NW. The sun is ramping up to full power at 63 degrees on the horizon.


UV Index

Course Update

Another busy week to get open. Disappointed there is no permission from QP to do so. So we need you to start thinking about what we are going to do when you finally arrive. Distancing is the key operative fore us. Timing the flow of foursomes will be critical to a smooth and entertaining time with you. Arriving 15 minutes ahead of your tee time is ideal. Wait in your car til 10 minutes before your tee time. And sanitizing is right there. You will play a major role in the success of restarting golf – and we are here to help with this!

One of the most worn piece of golf equipment is your golf glove. And FootJoy has a great offer out til May 15th – buy 3 get the 4th for free. Order on our website!

And nothing says golf like an order of new balls. If you order now, you can have your new ProV Golf balls fore your first round. Otherwise, it will be a later round. Yes – the 443 offer from Titleist is here and we are ready to take your order. It will get you one step closer to the first tee – which we think could be early May.

Are you of age less than 40? Ask about our graduated member programs. $10 per year under 26, $20 x age til you are 40. We know you need to keep some cash for living – so we have made this as affordable as possible. Call us – we will confirm this.

Think outside the normal golf tournament box. We have great options involving FootGolf and LawnBowling that can involve the non-golfer in your event! Call us – we some unique concepts.
Determination and hard work will make you a better player. A lesson helps! Let us know – we have great programs from the beginner to the player.

Course Wildlife - not the ones on the carts!

Golf courses are a nature preserve where we get all sorts of animals cruising about. You never know what you will see – keep the camera ready! This Sand Hill Crane is not normally found on the course – welcome!

The Dogs

Hendrik likes this view. He is loyal and stays around home. He keeps our Cortisol (stress levels) in check and fore this we are grateful. With the ponds now open, he is quite happy to watch any activity on them.

A Special Day In A Wonderful Setting

Weddings are a special day for many people involved. Here at Muskoka Highlands, we reduce that stress with attention to every detail.
But our distinguishing feature is our setting – both inside and out. The clubhouse is designed to hold about 85 guests and the picture shows how this can happen. For larger parties, we engage a tent professional to create a unique setting outside.

Do you want to feel the warmth of a timber-frame clubhouse? Drop us an inquiry – We will respond and we will work with you to make your day special.

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