2020 08 27 At 9.51.30 Am

The Overview

That was a great overnight rain which left about 37.5 ml of water behind. The timing was perfect from many aspects. We are in the second annual seeding window and the ground has been softened with water. The storm front is headed to the South East. The rest of the day is clear of rain and this will remain through tomorrow. Not sure where one weather forecast sees rain and lightning this afternoon – it is not an any radar. So please ignore this very prominent forecaster. Their videos are better than their weather forecasts!! In this transition to Fall, nobody can forecast beyond that with any credible accuracy. I once challenged the President of Environment Canada as to why there were 7 day forecasts that were never right. He replied it was because people were asking for them – whether they were right or wrong. So we are masters of our own demise. Stick to 24-48 hour looks and we should have a better than even chance of being happy.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 18C(FL 18C) but it still feels relatively cool this morning. It will warm to 23C (FL 26C) in the afternoon and then cool to 15C (FL 15C) overnight. Another great day to tee it up at Muskoka Highlands. Winds – the winds are changing today. The northerly flow this morning that sends air to Laura switches to the south this afternoon as she sends back the air as she weakens. It will carry moisture to us overnight. Take the towels off the line!



UV Index

The UV index is HIGH today with some cloud that we hope will clear. A bit of relief from teh sun!

Allergy Index

The Allergy Index is VERY HIGH so keep the tissues handy. The mold index remains HIGH – fresh fruit is short lived – enjoy!


Sunrise – 6:35AM, Sunset – 8:00PM. Daylight continues to slip through the hourglass. How many days of golf left this season? Will we be playing in December?

The Fire index

Fire Index –the index is LOW in our area. The rain and cool weather has eliminated any thoughts of a forest fire locally.
golf in muskoka

Course Overview

The overseeding is complete for now. The top dressing will continue at a pace while we try to create a better growing medium for the future. 300 tonnes and going strong. You will notice a different feel to the fairways as we go through this transition. And you can see your ball land in a wee puff of sand until the grass grows up through the sand!

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Are you wanting to get together with your group/club? We have a wonderful outside venue that can host over 100 people – with distancing. The 50 limit works inside our clubhouse with all of the procedures in place. Give us a call – we have safe and creative means to see people live!

Golf tournament cancelled? Call us – 7056461060 – we can host it safely with a new format that really works well. The charity you are supporting appreciates your efforts.

Determination and hard work will make you a better person. Golf is a wonderful platform to hone these talents.

Click here to see the radar we watch for the future, and click here for historical to the present.

11 Fwy Before

11 Before Overseeding

11 Fwy After

11 After Overseeding and Topdressing

2020 08 26 At 7.08.27 Am Blue Heron

Wildlife on the Course

Dinner Time on 6 Pond
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The First of Many Honorary Members!!

It all started with me….
Table Setup

An Idyllic Wedding Setting

It is your special day – let us help you create magic. In this new normal, think about eloping locally – we have a ladder of ideas fore you….