The Overview

A bit of rain overnight and that was it fore today. The ill wind from the East continues to blow, but it is bringing the wet weather to Southern Ontario today. We will have a clear day until about 5PM when a system will arrive from the west. It will leave overnight. It has not yet passed over GBay – and this might moderate or remove its wet power. Time will tell. Sunday looks clear until late in the day when some light rain might arrive. Again, this system will clear out overnight.  The cold Russian air is still cruising past the tip of Greenland and throwing cold weather waves across Quebec and up into James Bay. We are not that far away so this we continue to feel the effect with cooler than normal temperatures.



Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at +9C(FL +8C)  and will warm to +18C (FL +20C) in the afternoon  and then down to +10C (FL +10C) overnight. The ground everywhere is still very moist – let the heat work its magic.  


UV Index

The UV index is high today with partially sunny skies.



Pollen Index

The index is high. Everything is in bud – here comes the pollen! 


Course Update

The course dried somewhat yesterday. It was warmer later in the day but all in all a chilly drying day. Today takes us back further into the drying cycle. With the heat, the ground will dry and the grass will respond. The course is undergoing a nice greening everywhere. The time to scratch your golf itch is now!

Golf Hint fore today – order your food for the turn about the 7th hole. It will be ready fore you and you will not slow at the 10th hole.



Happiness fore some is...

Knowing this mist is hiding the warm sun that will be out shortly!


Did you know?

Golf is a social sport – there is time to chat while you walk. What is your exercise choice? Make it golf! You can join others supporting the game with your Golf Ontario/Golf Canada membership. We have it here fore you.

Worried about time taken? It should be 3 hours at Muskoka Highlands!!

Do you have a junior golfer? They can join the many that have already joined Muskoka Highlands – just add zero to their age and add HST.

When you walk your dog today, just imagine being on Muskoka Highlands playing with them at your side (okay maybe chasing something that moves too (just not your golf ball).


Golf Theatre comes to Muskoka Highlands June 6th

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Junior Golf

Junior Golf is a staple of the golf diet at Muskoka Highlands 

– Saturday Morning Clinics all season

– Golf in 6 Schools in Bracebridge

– Junior Golf Camps

– Membership at Muskoka Highlands – just add 0 to their age up to 19. 

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