2020 10 24 At 7.48.34 Am

The Overview

Welcome back Fall! You blew back in here last night like a wet blanket, dropping 2.75 Inches of water – a significant amount of rain – quickly. Thanks too fore the added suspense with the tornado warning. Today the North winds control the weather so it will be chilly but clear. There is snow to the northwest of us over the next few days but nothing serious here in Muskoka. This is a tail end of a light pre-dawn dusting happening now. These wild weather changes are increasing the margin fore error in any forward statement on what we might face.

The Radar Never Lies!

We will open the day at 1C (FL -3C). It will rise to 5C (FL 2C) in the afternoon and then slide to -1C (FL -4C) overnight. The shorts are away fore the next 6 months.
Winds – the day starts out of the South at 13kph out of the SSE. Through the day, the will move around the compass swinging to the NE increasing in speed to 19kph after dark tonight.




Sunrise – 7:45AM, Sunset – 6:16PM. Into the darkness we slide, minute by minute…..

School Bus Report

School Bus Update – enjoy your weekend.

Road Report

Road report – roads good across Muskoka today. Light snow this morning indicates ideal conditions for black ice.

Water Level - Lake Muskoka

Water Levels in Lake Muskoka – moving down ever so slightly to winter levels. Reading at Bala Dam.

Course Overview

With the heavy rain late yesterday, and light snow this morning, we will be a walking only golf course today. The saturation of the ground will leave little support for golf carts. But then, we are a wee touch of Scotland – so walking is preferred!

Covid is not going nicely, it is not just going to disappear as some have said at the outset. We are in this until there is a vaccine. So the activity selection is limited – much to golf. Golf has agreed to many Covid policies – prepayment, are shut clubhouses, names and emails for all golfers. If your course is not doing this – ask them why they are not part of the covid solution. With talk of shutdowns to contain Covid, your covid-compliant golf courses will remain safe and open so that you have something normal to do.
The greens are running nicely (please fix 10 ball marks when you play). The fairways are back to normal. It is all here fore you. Give us a look online – www.muskokahighlands.com .

Click here to see the radar we watch for the future, and click here for historical to the present.

12 Before 2

12 Before Overseeding

12 Fwy After 3

12 After Overseeding and Topdressing

Blue Jay 2020 09 25 At 10.10.25 Am

Wildlife on the Course


One of Many Honorary Members!!

Every dog loves The Highlands!
2020 07 29 At 6.27.51 Am Wc

An Idyllic Wedding Setting

It is your special day – let us help you create magic.
In this new normal, think about eloping locally – we have a ladder of ideas fore you….
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