Experience More Than Golf
We love golf so much that we want to bring you the game
like you’ve never played before!
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Golf to the sounds
of a bagpiper

Golf on weekends to get a true Scottish golf experience with a bagpiper gracing the greens! Here’s what our golfers say –

“…where else can you play a round of golf to the sounds of a solo bagpiper walking the course…”

“…an amazing golf course that is very much like those of Scotland…

“…beautiful course that brings back nostalgic feelings of my time living in Scotland…

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ride the golf Quad
for no-delay gameplay

The Golf Quad is an innovative electric vehicle that can be used anywhere.

Its lightness makes it compatible with the fairway, it is not bound to always remain in the rough or on the streets, where golf carts are obliged to pass.

The new “caddy” of every golfer. It will make you feel free and able to focus at the same time, always offering you tees, balls or anything else you need during the round in a handy storage box.

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Lawn Bowling
AT MUskoka Highlands
Lawn Bowling requires a professionally maintained playing surface that needs to be kept just like a golf green, and is accessible to everyone with parking and clubhouse amenities already in place.

It’s played somewhat like curling – without the sweeping!! A regular game can take about 2 hours — less than time spent watching a movie!!

Lawn Bowling at Muskoka HIghlands has been spearheaded by a not-for-profit club called the Muskoka Lawn Bowling Club

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Foot Golf-ing around
at Muskoka Highlands
FootGolf is a combination of the sports of soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups.

It is played on any existing golf course with 18 footgolf holes spread within 9 holes of regular golf. For Muskoka Highlands the FootGolf course is on the back 9.

Muskoka Highlands is a charter member of the Canadian FootGolf Association

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