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2020 07 05 At 7.17.59 Am The Opener

The Overview

Are we getting heat stressed? The grass is surviving – it will go into sleep mode here shortly to preserve itself. The roots will drive deeper into the soil looking for moisture. What about you – are you dealing with the heat? There is a whole week of hot headed our way. We start the day in the cool and move into the heat by 11AM. Best time to be out and about – 5AM – cool, bright, calm. Sleeping reserved for 1-4PM. Just like Egypt!

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 16C(FL 16C) in the winds. It will warm to 30C (FL 34C) in the afternoon and then cool to 19C (FL 20C) overnight. Repeat tomorrow…. Winds – light southerly breezes today. No rain – just heat. 200706wi
Muskoka Weather

The UV Index

Surprize!! The UV index is VERY HIGH again today – with clear skies, letting that sun shine. Get your wide-brimmed Aussie hat on your head! Don’t let heat exhaustion catch you!200706uv
Muskoka Weather

Allergy Index

The Allergy Index is MODERATE. The plants are feeling this heat and starting to conserve energy. Pollen release has subsided…. 200706ai

The Bug Index

The Bug Report – the cool evenings are keeping the air force intact. The heat during the days puts them into hiding. Their time will pass.
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