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The Overview

If you don’t like the weather, wait a day and it will change. Well it did. We are into unsettled weather. By the looks of things, the rain is heading up either side of Bracebridge, hitting Bala and Bancroft. However, it looks like a cell is passing over us around 1PM this afternoon, clearing by 2PMish. Remember – this is the weather we are trying to predict. Normal rain gear will work for most of the day, with the 1PM cell needing a bit more respect.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 20C(FL 20C) in the still of the morning. It will warm to 23C (FL 29C) in the afternoon and then cool to 18C (FL 18C) overnight. Anything but predictable….
Winds – the winds tell the story of change in the weather. There is a point in GBay around which the winds are swirling causing a scattered wind pattern. The Cool/Warm battle is under way.


The UV Index

The UV index is MODERATE today – with heavy cloud cover, the sun’s effect will still be felt, just not as directly. A rain hat might be in order.


Allergy Index

The Allergy Index is LOW. We are into the weeds fore pollen now. This recent rain and cloud cover will give the allergists a rest.



The Bug Index

The Bug Report – with the reduction in heat, and some moisture, the airforce will be revving up its wings and looking for their next feast – you!


Sunrise – 5:42AM, Sunset – 9:03PM. Cloud cover will hide the sun fore much of the day. Time to give the sunburn a time to heal….

The Fire index

Fire Index – the recent rain has brought the index back to LOW. Likely too damp to burn the sticks you find in the bush!!

Course Update

The rain was a welcome relief fore the course. We needed a Mother Nature soaking. Irrigation works only so well. Now if it could just happen at night only, we would live in a perfect world. However, we are all far from perfect – so we get rain during the day today at some point. This heavy overhanging cloud can be misleading. It does not necessarily mean rain. But be prepared and you will be fine. Golf in this weather is a treat…now fore the bagpipes…

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2020 07 10 At 7.37.11 Am Ducks In Flight School

Wildlife on the Course

Flight School is in!
2020 06 26 At 6.39.01 Am H12

A Dog on the Course is a Happy Dog!!

This dog loves the morning!
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An Idyllic Wedding Setting

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