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Effective Wednesday, April 7, 2021, we will be checking in and serving outside of the clubhouse. You are mandated to wear a mask to enter the clubhouse to use the washroom and we highly recommend wearing a mask at all times around busier areas, such as the Clubhouse.

Please ensure your credit card is on file with us to pay fore your round. A necessary change in procedure due to COVID, and the tightening of the operational requirements by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.
We are all in this together – let’s make this work together.

An Overview

We are getting ready to open to welcome you to pursue the little white ball until you put it into the slightly larger hole somewhere on the green at the other end of the fairway.

The government health people are relying on the golf industry to operate safely. We are one-half of this equation. You are the other half. So we are in this together – and we will continue to support each other to ensure we have a season without incident.

The overarching principles of avoiding COVID-19 are:
1. Keep your distance from one another
2. Sanitation – wash your hands often and avoid touching your face
3. Self Isolation – stay home if you’re feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.

We have developed operating guidelines that we will be following, and which you will be following. We have broken them into the following sequence.

1. Pre-Booking and Pre-Paying
2. Arrival and Checkin
3. Play
4. Departure

We ask that you work with us to execute in each of these areas. This will result in continued confidence on the part of the Ministry of Health to leave golf courses open so you can play again and again and…

Fore our part, if we cannot convince a player(s) to do so, we will have no option but to have that player(s) leave immediately.

Pre-Booking and Pre-Paying

The big concern with COVID is the spread by droplets mostly coming from breathing through to coughing on another person.

The first point of contact at the course is usually the check-in counter. This has changed.

We now request that you both Book and Pay online before you arrive. This will permit little interaction when you arrive before you go to the first tee.

We offer this video for you to see how easy it is to do this. You have 2 options.

1. The Video – which will show you how to book on our booking engine developed by Chronogolf.

2. Through our Dynamic Pricing engine on our website

Rates And Tee Times

Please DO NOT COME TO THE COURSE WITHOUT A TEE TIME. We will not be able to permit you to play.

Arrival and Check-in

Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your tee time. Remain in your car until 10 minutes before your tee time unless you are going to the range.

Since you are all paid, please send one person to the clubhouse to confirm that your group is here and ready to play. The Clubhouse is closed except for access to the washrooms which is under the back deck into the basement.

If you would like a beverage or a pre-packaged snack, please go to the service window in the back deck. We accept tap for Debit, Visa and Mastercard.

If you are renting a pull cart, we will have the sanitized ones in a specific spot. Please take only from this spot.

If you are taking power carts, masks are mandatory, unless you live in the same household. You will be assigned a specific cart – when you are given a key at the check-in, this number will be assigned to you in the system. It will also be assigned to you for our Pace of Play monitoring system. Please be mindul of how fast you’re playing. 


This should be the easy part. We have often heard players commenting that social distancing on a golf course should not be a problem – nobody hits it straight and lands together. And we concur. But there are natural pinch points where a playing group does congregate.

There is lots of room around every tee block such that you do not need to be shoulder to shoulder watching each shot. Let the player making the shot have the tee area. The rest of the group can remain socially distanced around the tee block.

Do not touch the flag pole. Leave it in for all putting. The cups will have a section of pool noodle supporting an insert that will hold the ball within ¾ “ from the top of the cup. You can easily remove the ball with a two finger lift, or you can gently roll the ball out of the hole with the handle of your putter. Please respect the grass edge around the hole – no need to touch it with hands or clubs in retrieving your ball.

Sand Traps
We will not have rakes in them. You are permitted to move your ball from a foot mark a less than considerate player might leave behind. After your shot, you can smooth the sand you have disturbed with your shoe and/or the back of your wedge. We will maintain the traps every morning with our sand-pro – so it pays to play early!!

You last hole in times gone by would end with a congratulatory hug or hand shake. Not this year. Please, do not contact your fellow players. Do the air hug or shake and head for the parking lot.


You have left your final hole and you look longingly at the clubhouse. Thank you fore just looking. We cannot open the 19th hole yet. We are likely at least a month from this, if not longer. Your post-round bevvy will have to be at home.
Please move efficiently to complete the checkout. There will be more people in the parking lot – coming fore their round. And in 10 minutes or less, there will be another group leaving.
If you took a cart (pull or power), please return them to their designated spots. Please sort your own trash in the recepticles provided. 
We thank you for playing Muskoka Highlands. We hope you have many enjoyable experiences this summer. Done right, we will be seeing a lot of each other (and your dog) and we look forward to this.