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The Overview

A warmer night headed into a warmer day. But the transition will be wet at some point – just when is the challenge. It is now looking like the morning is dry and the rain might start passing through Muskoka early afternoon til about 6PM. It could easily pass to the south of us with a change in the pressure on either the cold or the warm front. Once through, it looks like we are into hot sunshiny days through the weekend.  

The cold Russian air is still cruising past the tip of Greenland and snaking down into the mid-Atlantic and the back up over Newfoundland and into northern Quebec where it looks like it is being pushed further north. This front looks like it is headed further north which will allow the warm air to stabilize over our region.  

Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at +9C(FL +9C)  and will warm to +20C (FL +22C) in the afternoon  and then down to +10C (FL +9C) overnight. Do I hear the term humidex appearing for the second time this Spring?

The UV Index

The UV index is medium thanks to intermittent sunshine this morning and with faint hope – this afternoon!!

Pollen Index

The pollen Index is high – everything is in full bloom or past. The pollen is everywhere – just check the hood of your car!

Course Update

The course was just getting the hope of being dry. A decent dose of wet yesterday has pushed conditions back to a bit damp. But today will be a mix of wet and drying so we will be a much different course over the weekend.

Golf Hint fore today – while there is a threat of rain, it is not a given fore today. It is best to call the course for a better look at the weather right at the course and we can advise on the conditions fore the day.

The view from here..

The beauty of a golf course is unduplicatable….

Did you know?


Golf is a healthy sport – there is time to chat while you walk and burn calories. What is your exercise choice? Make it golf! You can join others supporting the game with your Golf Ontario/Golf Canada membership. We have it here fore you.

Get Golf Ready

Getting ready for this great game starts at all points in your career. If you are a-non-golfer, thei program takes you from the parking lot to the 19th hole and all points in between. It is $99 for the 5 sessions, and $149 if you want to add 5 nine-hole rounds in with your package.

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Junior Golf

Junior Golf is a staple of the golf diet at Muskoka Highlands 

– Saturday Morning Clinics all season

– Golf in 6 Schools in Bracebridge

– Junior Golf Camps

– Membership at Muskoka Highlands – just add 0 to their age up to 19. 

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