The Overview

A beautiful sunrise on a frosty morning. Sunny and tepid. Warm enough to be comfortable, not still warm enough to grow grass. The 3 large weather streams swirling about look like they are moving away. The Hudson Bay system seems to be further north, thereby allowing the warmer gulf air to push up from the south. But it is keeping our temps lower than expected at this time of year. However, it is also joining with a similar system from Greenland the confluence of which is sitting on the Maritimes. We essentially have a weather wall holding the cooler weather in Canada by stopping its trajectory back out to Greenland. This will bring the rain to Muskoka starting overnight tonight and intermittently strong through Thursday. Friday is looking dry at this point.  


The rivers and lakes are starting to shrink back to their normal banks.  Some roads remain closed and river banks remain fragile. Caution is still top of mind. Bala has a measurement station here .





Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at +1C(FL +1C)  and will warm to +14C (FL +11C) in the afternoon  and then down to +11C (FL +9C) overnight. Still warm in the day, and cool enough in the evenings to warrant the furnace starting through the night.



The UV Index

The UV index will be strong with a clear sunny sky.

Pollen Index

The Pollen Index is High due to the budding trees which are evident everywhere.

Course Update

Golf is like life. Life is like golf. We all live with our imperfections.

Patience and faith are necessary qualities in the golf business this season. The golf course is drying nicely. While warmer is better fore golf, dry works well too. Daily trips through the course are showing an increasingly dry playing surface. Grass is appearing where ice had desiccated the fairways that were so green in the Fall. Follow the count down to opening day here.


Another sure sign of Spring - when the Red Winged Black Bird Returns

This crew inhabits the trees surrounding our ponds and can often be seen in a mad state buzzing Wizard a he wanders about the edge.

Did you know?

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Junior Golf

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