Winter Golf Simulator


Enjoy golf this winter right here in Muskoka – on the HiDef simulator at Muskoka Highlands.

Some answers :

The system records up to 4 scores in one session.
hint – if you have 4 couples, you can play alternate shot – and it is $29.95 per couple.

it takes, on average, one hour per person to play 18 holes – so a 4some would take about 4 hours.

it is great for parties as there are lots of closest to the pin options as well as games like poker, break windows, split the uprights, long drive – where you can have as many people as you like play.

Pay online – you will give us your address and we will mail them to you within 24 hours (it is up to the post office to deliver on time!!) or you can pick them up here.

Just give us a call to book your tee time.

And you can’t lose your golf ball!!

See you on the simmy!!

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