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The Overview

We had 2 more calls for tee times yesterday. We love the optimism but fear the naivete of those thinking a golf course is open. Today is a rain day for sure – starting overnight and increasing in downfall until after noon today. The picture above shows a tip on the West edge. This tip will swing back around and over us until tomorrow around noon. Let’s hope this does not charge the waterways with too much run-off. The week ahead keeps it warm enough to continue the melt, but cool enough to leave the shorts in the closet. So Spring will slip in the door without big heat.
We have grass on which to walk ourselves, and we will be missing you as you might well have been able to safely wander about responsibly chasing the white ball. We worry about your mental health and we hope you will be able to withstand the pressure of the next couple of weeks (or longer) within your own property. We will being wandering our back yard keeping an eye on things that need attention. We will try to resist the temptation to test out the playing surfaces to ensure they are properly maintained. Neighbours – you will see us doing necessary maintenance. This is grass, not concrete. This needs maintenance and cannot be left for any period of time, or it will be beyond our control.
Remain committed to self-isolation with a reasonable edge. We are blessed that there is lots of room in PSM for walking and other activities. Maintain your mental health. Help others keep theirs. Keep an eye on your neighbour – especially if they are elderly (remember – there are more Canadians over 65 than under 16).

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 5C(FL 1C) and will warm to 10C (FL 7C) in the afternoon and then chill to 2C (FL -1C) overnight. A wet one today with possible heavy rains in random areas, along with our first lightning!
The UV index is LOW as this wet system moves in.
The ill East winds at 20kph have brought a rain front already that started this morning and will continue off and on through the day. Overnight, they will start their move around the compass, heading South and then West before ending in the North by noon tomorrow. Hence the chill in temps from today’s numbers.


Daylight Hours

Sunrise – 7:02AM, Sunset – 7:42PM. Lots of daylight, little sunshine today.


Road Report

Road report – roads are all clear. There is one lonely plow out in Huntsville. The remainder of the plows are resting.


Course Update

How are you getting your exercise with all of these closures? Are you able to walk anywhere safely? We walk on your course and you are welcome to park and walk as well. Things are very wet so picking your way around is key. Today is not likely the day to try this. But the weather is improving, and we are not seeing any Covid updates that indicate we are close to reopening.

We have our e-commerce portal where you can purchase the 4 4 3 Titleist ProV and other brands of golf balls as a Spring Special. Golf ebooks will be on our site by week’s end. If you can’t actually golf, you can read about golf. And if you want to mentally play the course, you are welcome to pre-pay some rounds and dream that you are using them every day!

Are you of age less than 40? Ask about our graduated member programs. $10 per year under 26, $20 x age til you are 40. We know you need to keep some cash for living – so we have made this as affordable as possible. Call us – we will confirm this.

Think outside the normal golf tournament box. We have great options involving FootGolf and LawnBowling that can involve the non-golfer in your event! Call us – we some unique concepts.

Course Wildlife - not the ones on the carts!

Golf courses are a nature preserve where we get all sorts of animals cruising about. You never know what you will see – keep the camera ready! That little white blob is the best pic we could get of an albino groundhog – will try for a better one soon!

The Dogs

Hendrik is quite content to be around us more than ever in this isolating time. He is loyal and stays around home. We do go fore walks on the course – and he thought he would try the pond….did not go so well…..

A Special Day In A Wonderful Setting

Weddings are a special day for many people involved. Here at Muskoka Highlands, we reduce that stress with attention to every detail.
But our distinguishing feature is our setting – both inside and out. The clubhouse is designed to hold about 85 guests and the picture shows how this can happen. For larger parties, we engage a tent professional to create a unique setting outside.

Do you want to feel the warmth of a timber-frame clubhouse? Drop us an inquiry – We will respond and we will work with you to make your day special.