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A chilly start to the day. We remain on the weather change line where cold meets warm, snow meets rain. It seems the cold front is keeping the really warm weather south for now. We have conflicting radars but it should be a partly sunny day and a bit warmer today. We will start to get into the double digits warm by Thursday and this will bring a wet front with it. Right now the radar is showing most of that front going north of Tower Hill in Port Sydney – but it is too far out to be certain.

Our opening temperature starts at -6C(FL -6C)  and will warm to +7C (FL +5C) in the afternoon  and then down to +3C (FL -1C) overnight.

The UV index will be on as we have a wonderful clear sky (hence the chilly temps).

 Road report –the Muskoka plows have to be finished for the season. They were out yesterday when we awoke, but there is little reason for them to be ready for anything but summer road maintenance.

School busses are RUNNING today. For current info on the busses click here.

The golf course is back to normal early Spring conditions as we await the heat that will bring the grass out of dormancy and ready to cut. Follow the count down to opening day here.

There still is a buzz about Tiger on the weekend. It is your time to become part of the game. Have you bought your Golf Canada membership yet? We have them here fore you.

The courses open for business are getting closer to Muskoka. Barrie has courses open. We are jealous – but realistic that we need a week of double digit warm to be open.

Think out side the normal golf tournament box. We have great options involving FootGolf and LawnBowling that can involve the non-golfer in your event! Call us – we some unique concepts.

Determination and hard work was the foundation on which Tiger built his come-back. A great example of recovery from many ills – but he did it.

Click here to see the radar we watch for the future, and click here for historical to the present.