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The Overview

The Spring weather teetertotter continues to go up and down. Today will be a relatively clear weather day, with the possibility of the odd snow streamer coming from the west. This will be random – like the one that hit yesterday afternoon around 1PM. And then the sun came out! There is a front moving up from the Chicago area that will bring rain to us overnight Thursday and into Friday morning. Our northern neighbours could experience snow. Welcome to life on the 45th – the point of change. Keep an eye on your neighbour – especially if they are elderly (remember – there are more Canadians over 65 than under 16 for the first time in a long time if ever).

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at -9C(FL -9C) and will warm to +1C (FL -2C) in the afternoon and then down to -4C (FL -8C) overnight. Spring is coming at a nice pace for the melt.
Today the winds come from the South at <10kph gradually swinging to the East by evening. Overnight, they swing to the SE gradually increasing in speed to the 10kph range. The wind direction is almost tidal these days – tide is in, from the South, tide is out, from the North. 200318wi

Daylight Hours

Sunrise – 7:23AM, Sunset – 7:28PM. The longer daylight has begun hopefully helping everyone to keep your spirits up in these times.

The UV index will be on as we have a wonderful clear sky (hence the chilly temps). The sun reflecting off the remaining snow will be somewhat blinding and adding to the rate of tanning. The power of the sun has to be respected starting at this time of the year.


Road Report

Road report –the Muskoka plows are still part of our life fore now – just not on the roads yet today. There might be some random streamers in the area which could draw them out of their yards. Thank you for keeping the roads as clear as possible in the winter weather. Here is hoping Spring is friendly.


Snowmobile Report

Snowmobile Trail Update – OFSC is reporting 10637km (yesterday 11605 km) of open trails. The weather north of Hwy 17 has remained winter-like, with their trails remaining mostly open. Here in PSM, we are truly in transition but the golf carts have nowhere to go either.

Course Update

We are thinking about 25 days til the course might open. The golf course is experiencing normal early Spring conditions. We welcome the sun’s heat that will encourage growth – not too much we hope as our mowers cannot get across the snow to cut!

Some courses are starting to look at opening. Some in the South are already playing. We are jealous – but realistic that we need to hit the delete button on the remaining snow. The grass is green under there!

With the Covid shutdown affecting so many, it is somewhat a double edge decision for us in the outdoor business where small groups come for exercise and entertainment. We believe that golf will be a safe and welcome relief to limiting our interaction with others. We will follow all guidelines – and we hope you will too. There will be guidelines for checking-in, hopefully ahead of arrival so that there is no need to come into the clubhouse. Carts will be a game-day decision as they add to the wiping routine to keep them sterile fore your use.

Are you of age less than 40? Ask about our graduated member programs. $10 per year under 26, $20 x age til you are 40. We know you need to keep some cash for life – so we have made this as affordable as possible. Call us – we will confirm this.

Pg 200315

The Simulator is Open!

The PGA Tour is shut down. But you do not have to stop swinging. Right here at Muskoka Highlands! When the golf bug bites and you can’t find a tee deck open anywhere, what do you do? You head to Muskoka Highlands where we have a state of the art hi-def simulator at the ready fore your game. With over 20 courses, we have a course fore everyone. Groups of 4 permitted. Social Distancing enforced. Still fun!

The Dogs

Dog Update –Hendrik continues to train nicely – with a few surprizes like this one. You can visit with him anytime – and scratch that golf itch on the simmy. Green grass is coming but not just yet. He is looking fore it too.

A Special Day In A Wonderful Setting

Weddings are a special day for many people involved. Here at Muskoka Highlands, we reduce that stress with attention to every detail.
But our distinguishing feature is our setting – both inside and out. The clubhouse is designed to hold about 85 guests and the picture shows how this can happen. For larger parties, we engage a tent professional to create a unique setting outside.

Do you want to feel the warmth of a timber-frame clubhouse? Drop us an inquiry – We will work with you to make your day special.