The Overview

Last night, we were serenaded by the Spring Peepers which gives hope that Spring is trying to arrive. Let’s hope they know something that we are trying to understand. The daytime temp today is wonderful, and with the sunshine it is going to be a drying day where the ground temps will rise. In the mid-term, that cold weather from the West is arriving in a couple of days with a massive push from the North which might chill us again. We might be back into rain early Tuesday, but that wet system could stay mostly south of Muskoka. Let’s all hope that a Southern push will keep the cold at bay!!


The rivers and lakes are starting to crest and shrink back to their normal banks.  Roads remain closed and river banks remain fragile. Caution is still top of mind. Bala has a measurement station here .





Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at -1C(FL -1C)  and will warm to +18C (FL +18C) in the afternoon  and then down to +12C (FL +12C) overnight. Warmer and headed  to seasonally warm.


The UV Index

The UV index will be strong with a celr sunny sky.

Pollen Index

The Pollen Index is High due to the budding trees which are evident everywhere.

Course Update

While it still has a way to go, the golf course will continue to dry this weekend. It will be great to have double digit overnight temperatures to let the ground start warming which will awaken the grass which will absorb water. Recovery started. Let’s continue to hope for warm dry winds soon.

Another sure sign of Spring - when the Red Winged Black Bird Returns

This crew inhabits the trees surrounding our ponds and can often be seen in a mad state buzzing Wizard a he wanders about the edge.

Did you know?

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