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The Overview

It just feels that Winter is losing its grip on Muskoka Parry Sound. But it has a history of fooling us. Today is more Winter-like with cooler temps and some light snow through the day. Tomorrow the southerly winds bring back the warmer temps through the weekend. This ebb and flow will continue as the sun is around for 3 minutes more each day through to late June. Equinox is around the corner – then the change speeds up. The snowmobiling in PSM is essentially done for those wanting safe riding. There is still snow so some still go. The ski hills are starting to report as closed – this heavy snow can be a challenge for turning. But nothing beats a warm sunny day on the slopes so some operators will hang in there. Spring is around the corner. Are you ready?

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at -5C(-1C) and it hold at +1 (FL-2C) in the afternoon and then slip to -6C (FL -10C). So this is SpriNter!
Today the winds start from the NE at 6kph until around 11AM when they start their swing to the SE which will start bringing the temps back up fore tomorrow. They stay out of the SE for tomorrow increasing in speed to the 20kph range.


Daylight Hours

Sunrise – 7:36AM, Sunset – 7:19PM. Now the 7’s start to carry us with later sunsets! The days are about 3 minutes longer after the time change. It just feels better that they are light later. Fore the early riser, same amount of daylight growing daily. Equinox in less than 1 week.


Road Report

Road report – I spy with my little eye….3 plows out in Ontario. With the snow approaching, they might get busy north of us. And then again, it might be so light that it is not required. They drivers are rested so it might be time for another run between 10 and 4 today.


School Bus Status

School bus report – no weather cancellations at this point.

Snowmobile Report

Snowmobile Trail Update – OFSC is reporting 13800km (yesterday 16077 km) of open trails. The warmer temps have closed many local trails, leaving the North as the spot to ride.

Ski Report

The Ski Hills are showing the stress of this weather. The little red dots show the hill as closed. It might be open this weekend. It is best to check with your hill to get their conditions directly from them. Detailed info at

Course Update

There are 29 days til green grass – but this rain has brought out the green sooner. Golf is so close – the heart will be racing knowing green grass is starting to appear. Some courses in the Niagara region are open now. We are constantly asked about our highway sign as people use it as a harbinger of Spring. The heat and rain has really knocked-down the snow-pack. Your clubs will know this and will want to hit a ball. Do you? Is your game ready for the golf season? We know you are getting restless to golf with your friends. The golf bug bite will continue to itch and needs to be scratched. While getting warmer, it is still not warm enough to get outside and play. Nothing beats a few holes of golf with your family and friends. The hi-def indoor simulator is operating and ready fore you and your foursome. Or bring 8 and play a two-person scramble with 4 teams. It is great to see people converging on the simmy from North Bay and Toronto for friendly banter and a few hours of fun. It is time to start getting your swing in shape fore opening day. We will clean up the rust on your first swings as part of the deal! Call the clubhouse 7056461060 to book your time.

The sun is starting to expose the greens and they are in great shape. We can tell because our super – Mitch Guy – is pretty excited to do his daily walk out on the course.

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The Simulator is Open!

The PGA Tour is playing Bay Hill this week. Why don’t you? Right here at Muskoka Highlands! When the golf bug bites and you can’t find a tee deck open anywhere, what do you do? You head to Muskoka Highlands where we have a state of the art hi-def simulator at the ready fore your game. With over 20 courses, we have a course fore everyone. And if you want a gathering with golf involved, we have all sorts of games on the simmy that your entire group can play. Where do you think we have taken you fore this hole?

The Dogs

Dog Update –Hendrik continues to train nicely – with a few surprizes like this one. You can visit with him anytime – and scratch that golf itch on the simmy. Green grass is coming but not just yet. He is looking fore it too.

A Special Day In A Wonderful Setting

Weddings are a special day for many people involved. Here at Muskoka Highlands, we reduce that stress with attention to every detail.
But our distinguishing feature is our setting – both inside and out. The clubhouse is designed to hold about 85 guests and the picture shows how this can happen. For larger parties, we engage a tent professional to create a unique setting outside.

Do you want to feel the warmth of a timber-frame clubhouse? Drop us an inquiry – We will work with you to make your day special.