2020 07 10 At 6.29.25 Am Rising Son

The Overview

Another hot one today with no real change in sight. There is a massive storm moving up through Michigan and on to the Soo, but nothing coming our way til around 530PM today. We will get sporadic random rain overnight clearing by daybreak tomorrow. There remains a chance of random rain tomorrow, but most of it will hit east of us. The heat will remain a constant.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 19C(FL 19C) in the still of the morning. It will warm to 31C (FL 39C) in the afternoon and then cool to 22C (FL 26C) overnight. The pattern is set.
Winds – southerly breezes all day at 20 kph later this morning. Always nice to have air movement in this heat.


The UV Index

Are you surprized? The UV index is VERY HIGH again today – with clear skies, and sun shine. Get your wide-brimmed Aussie hat on your head! Light cloud cover might mask the risk – don’t be fooled. 200710uv

Allergy Index

The Allergy Index is LOW. We are into the weeds fore pollen now. The bees are staying cool. So the pollen is not in demand right now. Rain and cool – this will change it.



The Bug Index

The Bug Report – the cool evenings are keeping the air force intact. The heat during the days puts them into hiding. They are all still around. The changing of the guard has not yet started. Interesting that the black flies can hang in there!


Sunrise – 5:41AM, Sunset – 9:03PM. Hot Daylight. Enjoy!!

The Fire index

Fire Index – the drying continues this week. We are back to HIGH RISK today, with EXTREME creeping ever closer. Let’s keep the campfires small – or they will get very large very quickly.

Course Update

The heat is taking a toll on the golfer. Sure it is great to be outside. But even the most active golfers are remarking that it has to cool some to get them playing more. A round in this heat is a marathon in the Gobi desert. Picking the time of day is critical. A 6AM round permits a 2PM snooze in a shady spot. Mission accomplished.

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2020 07 10 At 7.37.11 Am Ducks In Flight School

Wildlife on the Course

Flight School is in!
2020 06 26 At 6.39.01 Am H12

A Dog on the Course is a Happy Dog!!

This dog loves the morning!
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An Idyllic Wedding Setting

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