The Overview

We are on a run of fantastic weather days – that will be interrupted tomorrow. There are a couple of major rain fronts amassing to our west. They are moving slowly towards us. Tomorrow will be a mix of rain cells moving through Muskoka starting early in the morning and ending early in the evening. Wednesday and beyond appear to be going back to clear and sunny! This is the last week of August – time to create that last memory for this summer period. And anticipate a great September!

The Weather Network’s Summer Forecast and it is a result of the  cold weather wall in place going from Greenland, across northern Quebec and into Hudson Bay. Our cooler air continues to flow down from Hudson Bay and now the NorthWest meeting the warm air closer to us. We are benefitting from this right now. The warm wet from the south is being kept away by this cool dry northern push.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 9C(FL9C) and will warm to 24C (FL 26C) in the afternoon and then back down to 17C (FL 17C) overnight. Warmer air is approaching from the SouthWest – bringing a wet Tuesday.

These temps will continue their slide as the earth continues to tilt Muskoka away from the sun.

The UV Index

The UV index is HIGH from sunrise to sunset.

Pollen Index

The Pollen Index is high. The bees will be getting tired? No! Honey production should be strong.

The Weather Wizard (Soon to be Dog Guide)

The weather dog came in from his morning patrol – damp belly = dew down.

The Bug Index

The Bug Index is LOW – the bat patrol was out for breakfast at day-break. They know when the mossies are back at us!

The Fire index

The Fire Index is starting to back down with the recent rains.

Course Update

Golf is a sport that matches everyone’s ability on the first tee and lets everyone play on an equal basis. A handicap properly calculated will let a hacker beat a pro, if the hacker just plays their game. Confused? Ask me when you are next at our counter.

Golf Hint fore today – Golf – hit, chat walk, hit again and repeat. Nothing beats burning calories, walking a few holes and chatting. Add in some aerobics swinging the clubs, and some stretching bending over to tee the ball or retrieve it from the hole after sinking a 30 foot snaky putt and you have your own personal fitness trainer all set.

Golf can be a quick walk. We play 18 holes in 2.5 hours on a normal day. If you have just a couple of hours, we have a 12 hole rate. Play early. Play ready golf – first to the tee, first to hit.

Safety Hint – if you are in a golf cart, please keep your feet inside the vehicle. You just need to catch a toe on a piece of dirt – and wham – you will have a broken ankle! And if you are a worker, it is a $1,000 fine and a court summons!

Membership Has Its Advantages

We are asked about Membership at Muskoka Highlands.

This year we brought in the “multiply your age x $10” and that is your membership if you are less than 27 years old. We have a variation on that for the next decade – 28-37. 

We have a variety of Membership options fore you – and if there isn’t one that works, let’s chat. We are creative and like to cater to needs where possible.

Carts are not necessary on our course – we are a walking course. But there are cart packages available.

We are an 18 hole course – and we have to maintain 18 holes. When we are asked about our 9 hole membership being a bit more expensive, it is because we have to maintain all 18 holes for your to have the ability to choose to play the front or the back.

Not sure about how much you will play? Buy our 12 fore 10 pack – pay for 10 – get 12 – fully transferable passes – 9 or 18 holes, carts also.

Juniors and Youth – a great deal – up til you are 25, you add a zero to your age – and bingo – there is your membership fee.

25-45 – Muliply your age x $20 and add HST – bingo – there is your membership fee.

To be fair – we stopped there, because $30 x age over 45 gets a bit more expensive!!

Kubota North $200,000 ShootOut Fore Dog Guides

This crew, led by Steve Peters, Ike Pearson, Andy Nelan and Ed Rynard raised over $17,000 for Dog Guides. This is not easily done. A special shout to Ike for his footwork in raising significant sponsor funds and spreading the word toe ncourage players. 

Wizard thanks everyone who donated to the cause. The Lions Volunteers were wonderful spotting every hole, and the Lions Steak Dinner was excellent as always. 

Save the same day for next year’s event!

Junior Golf

Do you have a junior golfer?

We have clinics Saturday morning. 10 and under at 10, 11 and older at 11. 

Just show up!