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Snow On, Snow Off Today and Tomorrow

Snow On, Snow Off Today and Tomorrow

The Overview Hello February! And what do you have in your weather bag of tricks fore us? The patterns so far indicate that it may be more of a Spri-nter with warmer temps arriving on a regular basis to blunt the cold. There is more sun (when permitted to shine) and it...
The Warming Trend Returns

The Warming Trend Returns

The Overview The jet stream is returning North on South winds today. The radar is clear through Frida – but there will likely be snow after 7PM tomorrow. The south winds are bringing back moderate temps fore the weekend. The SE winds are indicating precipitation. The...

Here we go into a great weekend!

The Overview An interesting weather pattern on the radar. There is a definite cooler push down from James Bay that is deflecting the warmer wetter air around us. The cloud cover will break when the sun gets to full strength. And this weather will last through the...

Shhh – Don’t Say Anything to Mother Nature!!

The Overview Windows open, no furnace. We are officially warmer overnight.  The warmer sunny day is a welcome continuation of the warming trend. It is looking clear fore the future, with some rain balloons on the horizon fore late Wednesday. The Weather Network has...

A Good Golf Day in Muskoka

The Overview Clear skies, and the furnace is on again! Another beautiful day when the sun warms things up. These warmer temps are bringing moist air from the Gulf and this will fall on us after noon tomorrow until late into the evening. Friday is looking good! The...
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