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14 2020 06 19 At 9.25.20 Am

The Overview

We are headed into to great heat with no chance of rain fore a few days yet. There is lots of weather activity south of the border. With all of their hot air – this is not surprizing. This will warm the lakes and fire up the air conditioning. Open windows might be a bit hot later today. The bugs will be silenced in this heat. Early play is the best!

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 13C(FL 13C) in the winds. It will warm to 29C (FL 33C) in the afternoon and then cool to 14C (FL 14C) overnight. Stay cool!
Winds – a repeat of yesterday and a foreshadow of tomorrow, a gentle flow of air at 6pkh from the south will continue to warm us today. Remember this in December!


The UV Index

The UV index is VERY HIGH in this brilliant sunshine. And so it continues fore this week!200619uv

Pollen Index

The Allergy Index is HIGH. Glad to see rhubarb mentioned – it is its time and the jams and loaves are delicious. 200619ai

The Bug Index

The Bug Report – the air force does not like heat. So they will hide in the grass and under leaves until we are close. – they are all here partying on us. June is their month – glad we have the breezes at The Highlands!

The Fire index

Fire Index – the drying has begun and along with that will come forest fires if we are not careful.

Course Update

The heat is here. Out on the course at 530AM and it is great temps for a quick walk. We have a dewsweeper special – start before 8AM and play in less than 3 hours – $39.95 plus hst. Cart extra – this is the time to walk.

Golf Hint fore today – Golf – hit, chat walk, hit again and repeat. Nothing beats burning calories, walking a few holes and chatting. Add in some aerobics swinging the clubs, and some stretching bending over to tee the ball or retrieve it from the hole after sinking a 30 foot snaky putt and you have your own personal fitness trainer all set.

Golf can be a quick walk. We play 18 holes in 2.5 hours on a normal day. If you have just a couple of hours, we have a 12 hole rate. Play early. Play ready golf – first to the tee, first to hit.

Safety Hint – if you are in a golf cart, please keep your feet inside the vehicle. You just need to catch a toe on a piece of dirt – and wham – you will have a broken ankle! And if you are a worker, it is a $1,000 fine and a court summons!

Normal Blue Marman Butterfly 2020 06 17 At 10.30.58 Am

Wildlife on the Course

There is all sorts of wildlife on the course – from small to large, from furry to slimy, winged or scaled.
Cart2 2020 06 15 At 7.11.57 Pm

A Dog on the Course is a Happy Dog!!

Carts are great places to find bananas and sandwiches – Caution to the golfer!!
20181231 162940

An Idyllic Wedding Setting

It is your special day – let us help you create magic.
In this new normal, think about eloping locally – we have a ladder of ideas fore you….