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Rain will continue today, lightly through the morning and scattered through the afternoon. However, around 4:30PM there will me a marked push of colder air bringing freezing rain and then snow until midnight when it will turn into streamers for most of Saturday around 10PM when it will settle back down. A wild weather ride continues for Muskoka!
Our opening temperature starts at +4(FL 0) and will slide to +5C (FL -1C) in the afternoon and then to -0C (FL -5C) overnight.
The UV index will be mixed today due to intermittent clouds.
This is the last day fore the Pond Index as rain will reduce the safety factor such that travel on the lakes will become a real challenge. Caution on the ice. The big one might have to wait til you are back in your boat looking for him.
Road report –the plows are resting and the roads are black until later this afternoon. Caution is advised as there will be puddling around the edges as the snow banks slowly disappear.
School Busses are NOT RUNNING all week – enjoy Spring Break!. For current info on the busses click here.
The Ski Resorts will be challenged with this rain – more here . Many are showing all lifts open, with some starting to show a reduced number of runs open. It will be another wet day on the slopes today!
The rain is taking its toll on the snow mobile trails in Muskoka and North with ones south of North Bay showing as marginal. Lake slush remains a serious problem. Click here for more information on the status of registered trails.
34 days til we are back on the golf course. Follow this count here. It is time to get the golf game in shape. Maybe new grips on the clubs.
The time is now to get your group playing a couple of times a week on the HiDef golf simulator. Click here to book your tee time on the simulator. It is getting busy! Lots of comments about how good it is to swing the clubs again….
Come on Spring – we feel that you are ever so close with that warm blast of wet!
Click here to see the radar we watch for the future, and click here for historical to the present.