The Overview


Sometimes we catch a nice weather break. Long term forecasts at the beginning of the week showed today as cold and wet. Well, the 3 large weather systems blocking the influx of warmer air look like they are dissipating/moving away. The Hudson Bay system seems to be further north, thereby allowing the warmer gulf air to push up from the south. This is happening today as the heavy rain front moves north and west of us until about noon. It will then move through for the most part before 3PM, with the tail coming through for a burst about 3AM overnight. Friday is looking dry after sunrise.  


While the water levels might be dropping, they have a ways to go. Click here for the Bala levels.


Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at +9C(FL +6C)  and will warm to +11C (FL +8C) in the afternoon  and then up to +12C (FL +10C) overnight. Spring peepers singing before sunrise herald warmer weather – they don’t sing in the cold!


The UV Index

The UV index will be strong later this morning.


Pollen Index

These daffodils are loaded with pollen and ready to release. The trees are budding. The index is high. 

Course Update



Patience and faith are being seriously tested in the golf business this season. The golf course is drying nicely. While warmer is better fore golf, dry works well too. Daily trips through the course are showing an increasingly dry playing surface. Grass is awakening – we are starting to green!. Follow the count down to opening day hereFollow the count down to opening day here.

Happiness is...

The happiest in the region love this water…

Did you know?

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Junior Golf

Junior Golf is a staple of the golf diet at Muskoka Highlands 

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