The Overview

The weather waves continue to pound our Muskoka shores. Today is looking clear and hot with rain possible later in the afternoon – radar is showing around 4PM at this point. GBay has the final say on this – we will see how it handles these showers. Thursday starts wet early, clears, then gets possible rain late in the afternoon, again! Friday starts clear but, just like the ocean, another wave is set to come to shore at some point.

The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 9C(FL9C) and it will warm to 24C (FL 28C) in the afternoon and then back down to 13C (FL 12C) overnight. Climbing up the Fall Weather Roller Coaster.

The UV Index

The UV index is HIGH from sunrise to sunset.

Pollen Index

The Pollen Index is high –the golden rod remains. The tall grasses are shedding their seeds in the winds. I just need to play golf with a certain friend and his eyes set the rating.

The Weather Wizard (Soon to be Dog Guide)

The weather dog blew in from his morning patrol – wet head – wet start to the day.

Seems to be ready to go back fore training on October 15th! When you can’t find him, leave the back door of the truck open, he will find you!

The Bug Index

The Bug Index is LOW – only house flies trying to get inside fore the change in season…

The Colours index

The Colours index is MEDIUM-HIGH with the tree canopy changing nicely.

Course Update

Golf is a magnet. It is a sport that is copied more than any other sport for good reason. There is simply golf – small hole, smaller ball, sticks and you. There is FootGolf played with a soccer ball. There is Fling Golf played with a hockey/lacrosse stick. There is Frisbee Golf. We have heard talk of Rugby Golf. Golf has an attraction built into it that makes you want to play it at least once. These derivatives above show how golf is working with keen players to bring the experience to people with various talents that might not include swinging a stick at a wee dimpled ball. It is all about having some common interest that will bring groups together. A great life lesson.

A golf course is built on dirt, but survives on its reputation. Playing conditions are a key component of this. At this time of year, you can expect most greens to have little holes in them that might deflect one or two of your putts. Relax – they likely were not going in anyways. But those holes are little conduits that let water and oxygen flow into the grass plant directly, not being impeded by thatch that develops as the plant grows and pieces die. We are done for this year and so the growing back begins. It will happen quickly with this weather. Don’t be surprized if you don’t notice it on your next round.Investing in your future rounds of golf – we are in this together. And this is where we put our reputation. The ultimate compliment any course can get is from you – the player – your second (and third and..) round at the course. We thank you fore this.

With the waning daylight hours, we start later and finish earlier. There are still many golfable hours in a day – which ones are yours?

Safety Hint – stay inside the cart, not hanging out like a Navy Seal, or standing with the bags on the back where you can easily slip and hit the ground hard getting a concussion. Enjoy the ride if you don’t walk. But think of walking and the benefits to your game and your health.

Membership Has Its Advantages

We are asked about Membership at Muskoka Highlands.

Here areSpencer, Sandy, Matt and of course Cedar the ever-present caddie for Sandy – just ask them how much fun it is to golf at the Highlands!

This year we brought in the “multiply your age x $10” and that is your membership if you are less than 27 years old. We have a variation on that for the next decade – 28-37.

We have a variety of Membership options fore you – and if there isn’t one that works, let’s chat. We are creative and like to cater to needs where possible.

Carts are not necessary on our course – we are a walking course. But there are cart packages available.

We are an 18 hole course – and we have to maintain 18 holes. When we are asked about our 9 hole membership being a bit more expensive, it is because we have to maintain all 18 holes for your to have the ability to choose to play the front or the back.

Not sure about how much you will play? Buy our 12 fore 10 pack – pay for 10 – get 12 – fully transferable passes – 9 or 18 holes, carts also.

Juniors and Youth – a great deal – up til you are 25, you add a zero to your age – and bingo – there is your membership fee.

25-45 – Muliply your age x $20 and add HST – bingo – there is your membership fee.

To be fair – we stopped there, because $30 x age over 45 gets a bit more expensive!!

Muskoka 2Man Fall Classic

The Ron Babcock Memorial Muskoka Fall 2Man Classic is revving back up on October 19th. Click here to register!

Course Maintenance

Many are curious what we do that is so expensive that golf costs so much. This is a picture of $2,000 in sand that has been delivered in 2 triaxle dump trucks and then carefully loaded into our top-dresser to be spread on the newly aerated greens. In three days. This lack of sand shows how precious your course is to us.
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