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The pattern of snow clear snow clear will repeat itself for the next few days as the cool winds from the southwest pass over Georgian Bay to pick up their load of moisture to deliver as snow to Muskoka and beyond. The temperatures have returned from the deep and are back into perfect snow-making range. The plow drivers will get no rest for the next while as the roads will accumulate for much of the days ahead.

Our opening temperature starts at -12C (FL -18C) and will rise through the day getting to -8C (FL -15C) in the afternoon and down to -12C (FL -19C) overnight – almost balmy by recent standards.

The UV index will be off and on today as the snow makes random visits.

The reflective index is strong as the remaining snow is one of the best mirrors for sunshine. Sunglasses will likely be needed today!!

The Pond Index is at Strong. As always, caution is needed on any frozen surface. You will remain a Zamboni today to clear the outdoor rinks of these recurring snow falls.

Road report – the roads are good this morning in Muskoka. But the crews will be out on your return from work.

School Busses are RUNNING as of press time. For current info on the busses click here..

The Ski Resorts are wide open – more here. Tis the time to hit the slopes! Conditions vary by resort, and grooming will be key over the next while.

The snow mobile trails continue to open around the province. It looks like you can travel most of Ontario except the south west – so lots of running. The slush on lakes will start to surface as the weight of the snow pushes the ice down – be careful if running unfamiliar routes. Click here for more information on the status of registered trails.

79 days till we are back on the golf course. Follow this count here. This means it is time to start getting your golf game into shape. There is no better place than on the simulated reality of a golf range. Where is your game – is it in playing order?

Over 50? Want to get fit for golf? Check online – lots of suggestions. They all point to one thing – we have to be fit to play better golf. Would you do group fitness training specifically fore golf? playgolf@muskokahighlands.com

Click here to book your tee time on the simulator.

Click here to see the radar we watch for the future, and click here for historical to the present.