The Overview

Yikes! That is cold! There is a large snow front moving into Muskoka from the NW around 10AM today. It will deposit snow until about 3PM when it will move to the SE. Friday and Saturday are looking clear and warmer at this point.

The Radar Never Lies!

Snap! Our opening temperature starts at -26C(FL -32C) and it will rise to -13c (FL -17C) in the afternoon and then drop back to -22c (FL -30C) overnight. Definitely in the cold zone fore a bit.

The winds are from the NW at 6kph today. Tomorrow they will swing to the SE for most of the day. This will bring more moderate temps.

Daylight Hours

Sunrise – 7:51AM, Sunset – 4:37PM. We are oh so close to the shortest day of the year, the rate of loss of daylight slows, reflecting the slowing in the tilting of the earth away from the sun.

Road Report

The plows are a busy in the snow-stream alley between GBay and Lake Ontario. They will be out across Muskoka this morning as a large snow front moves through.

School Bus Status

No cancellations at this point. But this report is written before 6AM daily. 

Course Update

All sorts of excitement in the hood as a Hawk Owl has been spotted on our property. A rare sighting!

Golf is infectious – why wait for the next 114 days to play. The hi-def indoor simulator is operating. The smiles and chatter all indicate a great time. Our simulator league starts December 1 – with 3 practice rounds before the new year. And the one round on the same course for everyone every week through the end of March. Prizing, skins – the game is the same, but the walk is shorter.

There is a wonderful blanket of snow on the course which will could be its layer of protection with this changing weather. More snow today is better fore the course. We need a lot to absorb the January melt that happens every year.

The Simulator is Open!

When the golf bug bites and you can’t find a tee deck open anywhere, what do you do? You head to Muskoka Highlands where we have a state of the art hi-def simulator at the ready fore your game. With over 20 courses, we have a course fore everyone. And if you want a gathering with golf involved, we have all sorts of games on the simmy that your entire group can play. Where do you think we have taken you fore this hole?

The Dogs

Dog Update – Wizard is home from the 19th to Jan 2nd. It will be great to see how he is doing – as he trains in the Autism Assist program. We have heard from Angus and his owner Bill – great story that we will tell in the new year. Ancaster (Ellis) is hosting a major fundraiser in March. And Gavin continues to impress his new owner.

A Special Day In A Wonderful Setting

Weddings are a special day for many people involved. Here at Muskoka Highlands, we reduce that stress with attention to every detail.
But our distinguishing feature is our setting – both inside and out. The clubhouse is designed to hold about 85 guests and the picture shows how this can happen. For larger parties, we engage a tent professional to create a unique setting outside.

Do you want to feel the warmth of a timber-frame clubhouse? Drop us an inquiry – We will respond and we will work with you to make your day special.

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