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Rates & Tee Times

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Want to know what it costs to play right now? Choose your Tee Time below to check.
The system will permit you to book only 4 at one time.

If you are booking for 12 or more please call the clubhouse at (705) 302-0098, extension 3 and speak with our GM Russ MacKay, so we can book them all together.

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Daily Rates

Save with our dynamic pricing. The earlier you book, the more you save. Our prices are fair and affordable

Flex Passes

Just visiting Muskoka for the month or the season? Our cottage passes are perfect for you.


Just answer the few questions and we will create your customised membership in 2 minutes!

18 holes

Walking $66.37
Cart add $21.24 PP
Trike add $23.71 PP

12 Holes

$54.95 before 1PM
$39.95 after 1PM
Cart add $17.26 PP
Trike add $20.18 PP

9 holes

$49.95 before 1PM
$34.95 after 1PM
Cart add $13.28 PP
Trike add $16.64 PP


18 Holes

12 Holes

9 Holes



$54.95 Before 1PM
$39.95 After 1PM
$49.95 Before 1PM
$34.95 After 1PM

Cart per person




Trike per person




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Two powerful words when put together.

The short version of Dynamic Pricing – is a pricing model that changes based on various factors including weather, busy-ness and time of year.

The longer version – Pricing is something that is constantly asked in the golf world, given the propensity of many courses to use heavy discounts to attract play. This works for a while, until the course realizes it cannot survive on the actual rate they are getting, despite the volume.

There is a more dynamic, intelligent and strategic method to price a product – one that reflects the many factors that affect your decision when to play. It respects your view on golf – as you get to choose the price you want to pay if that is the deciding factor in choosing a course. As owners, we know there are other significant factors that come into the decision process. And we now have a model that is mathematically based to reflect in real-time the factors affecting your decision. It is truly Dynamic.

How does dynamic pricing affect you?

For you the golfer, this means you will be offered a rate that reflects what you will find at the course – the weather, the level of busy-ness and when you play. We have offered all of our rates in one place for you to see and from which you can select your tee time, knowing that the rate will be that rate when you book it right then. Should you wait and come back, the rate might well change one way or the other.

How does our dynamic pricing work?

  • Our model is a math algorithm that translates the information from the tee sheet, the weather source (a much more sophisticated model than Environment Canada) and input from us here at the course. The variables are constantly monitored and prices can change within 15 minutes of you looking at them. If they do not change, it means that the model does not see a need for change.
Our Guarantee to you.

We guarantee that the rate shown on the tee time that you book online will be the rate you pay when you arrive at the course. We get an email as soon as you book – and we know in advance the rate you are to be charged – and this is recorded on your tee time. While you are asked for a credit card to book, your card is not charged at that time. It is there to cover your tee time in case you do not show without calling us. Should we charge your card for not showing without notice, we will email you and you will receive rain checks.

  • Will I always get the best price online? The price on our website is the best at the time of booking. Neighbouring rates can change based on the inputs to the model. The top end is roughly what you would pay if you walked into the pro shop without booking in advance.
What happens when it rains?
  • Rain is an ever present part of the discussion. One of the biggest reasons we hear for not playing is the threat of rain – not actual rain. While the local radio stations use Environment Canada’s forecast for the region from Newmarket to North Bay, our system tracks weather right here at Muskoka Highlands – and we always differ from the general forecast. Our rates will fluctuate with our weather forecast. And the time of day, level of play and beyond. They will fluctuate every 15 minutes.
  • Should it be raining at your location, just call the pro shop for a more localized forecast and we will advise you what we see for your playing window. You can then decide what to do. Likely you want to play – and we want you to play. But you must be comfortable with your decision. There have been many a day in our past where rain was forecast, and we had sunny days here at the course.
  • If you call to cancel, there is no penalty with your booking. We will cancel that booking and you can go back online for a new date and time.

You can trust our rates – because you can see them every day. And we will always deliver on our rate promise. We value your trust and your commitment to us – we are committed to you.

Now about that rain forecast – don’t believe it – call us – we can give you the Muskoka Highlands weather forecast.

rates and tee times