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Faster rounds, playful pups, affordable fun. Tee off at Muskoka Highlands!

Fun beyond the fairway! Leagues, foot golf, lawn bowling & more! Unleash your inner athlete or try something new. It's adventure time!

FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports of soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups.

Golfers of all ages and skill levels! Join Muskoka Highlands Leagues for fun, competition, and camaraderie.

Looking to test your skills and experience the thrill of competition? Muskoka Highlands offers a variety of tournaments to suit every golfer's desires:

Beyond Golf! Leagues, foot golf, lawn bowling & more! Unleash your adventure.


Unfortunately, you can’t spend all day, every day on the golf course. Learn how you can practice golf at home to sharpen your skills. The average golf handicap for a male player in the USA is 14.2. Getting as much practice as possible is important to keep your game in its best form. These days, it is not always possible to get to the links or drive as much as we would like. So it is crucial to keep practising your game even when you are at home. With some innovative gadgets or just some careful swings in the garden, it is possible to keep on your game of golf at home. Keep reading to find out what you can do to stay on form.
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It’s no secret that gas is much higher than last year. One golf course is making the rise in gas prices a reason to celebrate.

Bracebridge, ON – The jump from $1/litre earlier to almost $2/litre today is not sitting well with anyone. Before you trade in your car for a bicycle, we have some unexpected, great news…

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The closing process at a golf course is quite detailed and lengthy. It is not like an office – shut the lights off and close the door.The planning starts now. In late August we were seeding and topdressing areas on fairways that need some help. We could not get it done sooner due to weather conditions – too cold too dry too hot – grass seed is fussy!!
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At some point in November, maybe even December, all golfers come to the conclusion that their golf season is over in Muskoka. And they, like the geese head South.

If our players are remaining in Muskoka, they sign up fore our simulator league.

We install the simmy parts in the clubhouse and covert the big open room to a dark room with comfy chairs and a simulator with over 30 course to play. Yes we have Pebble Beach. I prefer The Olde Course at St Andrews in Scotland.

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That is a constant chant in any business. Change for the sake of change is not wise. But fixing major issues that arise in every season is a constant with us.

On the macro level, advocating for change at the consumer-facing golf associations is falling on deaf ears. They do not feel change is needed. And when they make a change, it is usually without consulting the “steak” portion of the industry. They focus on the “sizzle” which is elite golf. So many conversations we have with other owners bring forth a resignation that this will never change.

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Golf is a consumer business relying on a discretionary spend. With the interest rates rising and mortgage payments increasing for those who chose an open mortgage, times will necessarily get tougher. There will be fewer funds about for discretionary spending. This will impact courses like ours where we are the entry level course. Fortunately for golf in Ontario, we will be closing likely in November and the depth of the impact of the battle with inflation will likely rage through til January at least – likely longer.
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The unanswerable question – that provokes a few thoughts.

We built this business on a financial shoestring. We have remained on this string since we opened.

So to answer this :

1.      I would do it again – with the same shoestring.

2.      I would reconsider the move to 18 – but who knew the golf market would recede so drastically in 2004 and then get a new reality in 2008?

a.      And likely I would still have opted to expand given I did not have the collapse anywhere on my radar. Thanks Tiger!!

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The game of golf has spawned quite a few alternate ways to play – FootGolf, Disc Golf, Sling Golf and more of which I might not be aware.

It is a huge endorsement of golf being a great sport. Others want to play, but swinging a small club at a smaller ball can be a very challenging experience. The process of learning golf at any age can be arduous – and this challenge grows exponentially as we age. Having played since I was about 10 years old, I was blessed with a naïve introduction with a 5iron and a putter. My parents were not of large financial means and every dollar counted. When I was 13 I got a 9 iron and that was momentous. I could now flub a real chip!

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I always like to have solutions to any problems before I chat with anyone about the problem. Comes from the old addage “Don’t give me problems, give me solutions!”.

Whenever a challenge arises here and people ask me what to do, I try to ask them what they would suggest. This encourages people to think through the problem and present their solution. I try to say yes and will only change something if my experience is telling me I should.

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