The Overview

Three more days of official Summer. And it is going to feel like summer. The wet weather is staying away for today. Tomorrow there is some light activity headed in to the region from the west. GBay might absorb this weather. It looks more likely that we will have some showers early Sunday morning. There is a large ring of rain forming to the west that will head our way Sunday/Monday – but there is no guarantee it will get here. It has to cross GBay and anything can happen on this stretch of water.


The Radar Never Lies!

Our opening temperature starts at 11C(FL10C) and it will warm to 24C (FL 27C) in the afternoon and then back down to 15C (FL 15C) overnight. The warmer overnight temps at this time of the year usually indicate wet weather ahead.

These temps will continue their slide as Muskoka tilts away from the sun.

The UV Index

The UV index is HIGH from sunrise to sunset.

Pollen Index

The Pollen Index is high –the golden rod remains. The tall grasses are shedding their seeds in the winds.

The Weather Wizard (Soon to be Dog Guide)

The weather dog blew in from his morning patrol – dry all day.

Quite the caddie…..

The Bug Index

The Bug Index is LOW – only house flies trying to get inside fore the change in season…

The Colours index

The Colours index is MEDIUM with the tree canopy changing down towards the trunk. The smaller trees are dotting the landscape in brilliant orange and red.  We should be in full colour bloom any day now.

Course Update

The list of benefits of golf is long. Golf is a family sport.  It is when families actually spend real time together – no key boards. Just walk and talk. Catching up on missing time is key benefit to golf. Too often, life flies past and we loose touch. A round of golf and we are re-connected. Just like life.

A golf course is built on dirt, but survives on its reputation. A golf course is a piece of art created on the surface, with an infrastructure underground to deliver water when needed, and take it away when there is just too much. Every artist knows that their works will be appreciated by many – but not all. You are comfortable on your golf course – and that is why you play there most of the time. Sure there are the travels to other courses. But the home course is just that – your golf home.   And this is where we put our reputation.   The ultimate compliment any course can get is from you – the player – your second (and third and..) round at the course. We thank you fore this.

With the waning daylight hours, we start later and finish earlier. There are still many golfable hours in a day – which ones are yours?

Safety Hint – stay inside the cart, not hanging out like a Navy Seal, or standing with the bags on the back where you can easily slip and hit the ground hard getting a concussion. Enjoy the ride if you don’t walk. But think of walking and the benefits to your game and your health.

Membership Has Its Advantages

We are asked about Membership at Muskoka Highlands.

Here is Greg Montgomery – Member – and grower of extraordinary Pumpkins – who had to change his tee time to get his pumpkin out of the Fall Fair on time! It has been weighed, and it weighed…..your guess – email us at and give it a guess. Prize for the closest (if you are not a Montgomery or part of their tribe….)

This year we brought in the “multiply your age x $10” and that is your membership if you are less than 27 years old. We have a variation on that for the next decade – 28-37.

We have a variety of Membership options fore you – and if there isn’t one that works, let’s chat. We are creative and like to cater to needs where possible.

Carts are not necessary on our course – we are a walking course. But there are cart packages available.

We are an 18 hole course – and we have to maintain 18 holes. When we are asked about our 9 hole membership being a bit more expensive, it is because we have to maintain all 18 holes for your to have the ability to choose to play the front or the back.

Not sure about how much you will play? Buy our 12 fore 10 pack – pay for 10 – get 12 – fully transferable passes – 9 or 18 holes, carts also.

Juniors and Youth – a great deal – up til you are 25, you add a zero to your age – and bingo – there is your membership fee.

25-45 – Muliply your age x $20 and add HST – bingo – there is your membership fee.

To be fair – we stopped there, because $30 x age over 45 gets a bit more expensive!!

Muskoka 2Man Fall Classic

The Ron Babcock Memorial Muskoka Fall 2Man Classic is revving back up on October 19th. Click here to register!

Junior Golf

Ok Junior Golfers – you have School – but you still need your exercise. The golf course is in great shape and you are always welcome after school and on the weekend. See you soon!


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