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If I Had A Crystal Ball

I always like to have solutions to any problems before I chat with anyone about the problem. Comes from the old addage “Don’t give me problems, give me solutions!”.

Whenever a challenge arises here and people ask me what to do, I try to ask them what they would suggest. This encourages people to think through the problem and present their solution. I try to say yes and will only change something if my experience is telling me I should.

The golf industry needs to be tuned up to focus on the large base of people who play the game fore fun, and not fore money.

To quote Peter Kostis :

“I’ve consistently said that players who are paid to play are not the game of golf. Golfers who pay to play are the game of golf. The so called guardians of the game need to always remember this. If pro golf worldwide disappears tomorrow, there will still be golf and golfers.”

Too many of these guardians take you the player for granted. And this is a problem for them – not for you. You have voted that these guardians are irrelevant to your game because you do not join their associations. You play golf fore all the right reasons. Perhaps there is no need for any guardian.

But my solution would be to give you the player a voice in the game of golf.

Yes it is ok to hit a breakfast ball – the golf gods will not throw lightning bolts at you.

Yes it is ok to tee up every shot when you are learning the game – read Harvey Penick’s Red Book.

Yes it is ok to have music on your cart that you can hear – the rest of the course does not have to hear it as they are listening to their own music a little more quietly than you might.

Yes it is ok to walk out of the fescue, drop another ball and play on – you know you should add a stroke for this move. Your call.

This “LIV” version of golf associations would be managed by a coalition of owners and players. We cannot survive without each other.

The current guardians necessarily must pay more attention to their sponsors on whom they rely for the bulk of their funding.

There are many bright minds in the golf world that would be able to develop concepts and programs to keep the golf industry “in a good place” as many of the “guardians” are trumpeting today, with better foresight into tomorrow and beyond.

This should lead to a sport that is recognized for what it truly is – an activity that promotes mental and physical health. A sport that has a positive presence in the public eye – one that teaches life lessons of fiscal morals and honest participation. And a guardian who does what is best even when nobody is looking.

An association that needs no castle for a headquarters – a simple office somewhere will work just fine.

Let the tear-down begin. Golf is ready fore a fresh new guardian.