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Winter Wins – and Golfers Win!

At some point in November, maybe even December, all golfers come to the conclusion that their golf season is over in Muskoka. And they, like the geese head South.

If our players are remaining in Muskoka, they sign up fore our simulator league.

We install the simmy parts in the clubhouse and covert the big open room to a dark room with comfy chairs and a simulator with over 30 course to play. Yes we have Pebble Beach. I prefer The Olde Course at St Andrews in Scotland.

We do host a few Christmas parties and we also host the odd winter wedding. Small groups work well with the reduced space in the clubhouse.

The league play is just like golf – a group selects Monday at 6PM and they come every week at the same time with the same players. Nice to have someone remind you that you are playing!!

This year will be different as our online store – The Golfather – is gaining good traction in the market so we hope to be very busy through the winter shipping golf items across Canada. This all takes time and effort. Much of it can be done remotely and we will try to take advantage of this at some point in the chill of winter.

There is still the government reporting on our fertilizer and pesticide use through the season. It is an unauditable process but they insist on maintaining it.

We hit Jan 1 and we start working towards the next season with planning and fixing stuff that needs attention.

There is no rest in the Winter months – just a change in duties and challenges. 

Thoughts on the new castle proposed fore golf in Canada??