The Overview


If this be Spring, then let’s see it in all of its splendour. We will start the day in sunshine which explains the cold and it will last until about 11AM when rain moves across us sporadically until about 7PM – there go the farmers chanting in reverse! This weather is coming from the North West and will bring a chill day later this week if it is not blunted in the mean time by a concerted effort from the southern wind forces. It will be clear tomorrow and Wednesday and this is as far as we can reasonably see with weather.

While the water levels might be dropping, they have a ways to go. Click here for the Bala levels.


Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at -0C(FL -0C)  and will warm to +17C (FL +17C) in the afternoon  and then down to +9C (FL +8C) overnight. Still warm in the day, and cool in the evenings.

The UV Index

The UV index will be sstrong this morning – until about 11AM.


Pollen Index

These daffodils are loaded with pollen and ready to release. The index is strong. 

Course Update

While it still has a way to go, the golf course dried well this weekend. We are still anxiously waiting to have double digit overnight temperatures to let the ground start warming which will awaken the grass which will absorb water. Recovery started. Let’s get some warm dry winds soon.  

Follow the count down to opening day here.

Happiness is...

The happiest in the region love this water…

Did you know?

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Junior Golf

Junior Golf is a staple of the golf diet at Muskoka Highlands 

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