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The Overview

A beautiful sunrise into a beautiful day – repeat tomorrow. This is summer in all of its splendour. The tropical storm in the southern US has abated in strength, reducing the chances of fallout getting this far north – we have the weather wall! Fore those wanting rain, it might come overnight Monday and into very early Tuesday morning.  As with any weather, it could change, but it is looking very consistent across all radars. Hydration remains a key word to remember – and water is the best hydrator.

The Weather Network has released its Summer Forecast and it is a result of the  cold weather wall in place going from Greenland, across northern Quebec and into Hudson Bay. Our cooler air continues to flow down from Hudson Bay meeting the warm air closer to us. This will give us unstable weather fore the summer months. But there will be lots of good times included – with some intense bursts coming through.

Today's Temps

Our opening temperature starts at 14C(FL13)  and will warm to 24C (FL 27C) in the afternoon  and then down to 13C (FL 12C) overnight. Great growing temps and great sleeping conditions.  


The UV Index

The UV index is HIGH from sunrise to sunset.

Pollen Index

The Pollen Index is high. The bees will be loving this. Honey production should be strong.

The Weather Dog (Replaces the Weather Stone!)

The weather dog came in from his morning patrol – damp belly = damp grass.

The Bug Index

The Bug Index is LOW with the mosquitoes still hanging in there. The deer flies are making their appearance – and so the onslaught continues. The breeze at Muskoka Highlands keeps most winged raptors away from you while you are golfing!

The Fire index

The Fire Index is HIGH in this hot dry weather. While the local hot zones on the map are creeping back onto the map. It is time to adjust our use of outside fires to reflect this changing condition.

Course Update



The countryside is in full bloom with flowers of every description bursting forth along our fairways. And the early morning visitors are a constant. We are in Open condition – the bounces continue to amaze us. The cool mornings are great – but with no breeze, the buzz might be closer than you like.  Even with the cooler temps, it is still dry so take lots of water with you – and we have more when you need it. Hats are back in style during the day.


Golf Hint fore today – We recognize that time is a key element fore the next 49 days of summer. Time to play, time for the dock – a delicate balance. If you stay behind the group ahead of you, and not ahead of the group behind you – it will keep up the pace on the course. We play 18 holes in 2.5 hours on a normal day. If you have just a couple of hours, we have a 12 hole rate. Play early. Play ready golf. If your ball is likely lost, drop one close to where it went into the long stuff and play on (adding one extra stroke for the hole).


Did you know?

When you are looking for an activity that everyone can do together, the start playing golf. The putting green is great fore young families! If you want a fast-up start with FootGolf. All generations can play together.

And if you would like to compete as a family on a fair basis, a handicap is just a click away. You can join your family and support the game with your Golf Ontario/Golf Canada memberships. We have them here fore you.

Get Golf Ready

Getting ready for this great game starts at all points in your career. If you are a-non-golfer, thei program takes you from the parking lot to the 19th hole and all points in between. It is $99 for the 5 sessions, and $149 if you want to add 5 nine-hole rounds in with your package.

We are assembling our 7th group – let us know if you are interested – . 

Click here fore more.

Junior Golf

Do you have a junior golfer?

We have clinics every Saturday morning (when it is not raining).

We have weekly golf camps for July and August.

AND they can join the many that have already joined Muskoka Highlands – just add zero to their age and add HST.

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